The New Guy

I am posting this for posterity, so that when I look back at this past winter and don’t look back and wonder why I wrote nothing about the best thing that happened all year – the addition of Mr. TylerMan Badoo Melty-face to the Walterses family.

We weren’t looking for a second dog but my friend was fostering Tyler and she was worried no one would adopt him because he was a big male pit bull who drooled a lot, but who was also a super love in spite of having been used as a bait dog and tortured.

At 65 lbs, he was quite a bit smaller than Riley (who also drools a lot), so we figured that those were problems we could handle and decided to take a look. Within a few minutes, it was pretty clear we were getting another dog.

Riley is generally a pretty happy girl (except when she feels like I am in danger) but it’s been a while since we’d seen her that happy – rolling around in the grass with Tyler, sniffing each other’s butts, tug of war, finding sticks, and all the good dog stuff. She made the decision for us. There was a bit of a transition period into our home but now there’s no separating them. Best friends forever, for real.

Tyler loves EVERYONE except cats and squirrels (but he and Maceo are coming around). So much so that he climbs into our bamboo planter to try and go see the neighbours on their deck and cries on leash when he can’t go and say hi to people and other dogs.

He even loves going back to the surgery center where he had 2 operations and a bunch of physical therapy!

When we got him he was scrawny, had some ear infections, a skin rash from a wheat allergy, and a torn ligament in his knee which our vet told us would likely lead to a tear in the other one. And it did – only a few weeks later. So we spent the winter walking around the house and then around the block…and then repeating it with the other leg, all the while going to puppy PT (which I renamed PB after seeing how much peanut butter was involved in the physical therapy). Luckily I worked from home for most of it and when I was laid up with my injury, both dogs stuck very close by…like usually on top of me.

We got a larger couch when we moved into this house, which is great because there are now regularly 180 lbs of dog on it (not to mention the dog hair) and Tyler loves sleeping.

It’s not enough for him to be on the couch, he also has to gather all of the pillows together and then he wants a blanket or two added as well.

I mean, he really loves sleeping.

He also loves his toys.

…and I’m pretty sure he loves his new home too.