What I’ve been up to:

Well, I had a birthday so that was fun. We went to Washington DC for the weekend and saw all the things (or at least tried to!), walking up and down the mall, through most of the Smithsonian museums and amongst many cherry blossoms.

The Mall in DC
Getting ready for my flamenco debut!
I gave my notice at work today.

What was beautiful:

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon 
This gorgeous luggage – and split window VW to match.
My flamenco assigned seating
An excerpt from Upstream, by Mary Oliver.
Spring blossoms in DC
An immense number of beautiful artifacts and experiences in the Smithsonian museums, including this one by David Beck in the Museum of American Art.

What I’m reading and listening to:


Preparing for the Dementia I believe I will get

Rethinking Depression



A year in drinking.


The Healing Power of Gardens


How to identify and navigate gaslighting at work

Why we spend our brief lives indoors, alone and typing

When Work Lacks Meaning

Could Your Therapist be Replaced by an App?


Why are friendships so clingy these days?

Extremely Sensitive People


Adidas plans to make 11 million shoes out of recycled ocean plastic.



What I’ve been up to:

Booking Mexico for Matt’s birthday and he booked the Oregon Coast for our anniversary, so that is some nice beachy R&R in our future. But first DC for my birthday and then Vancouver for my dad’s birthday.

The man is full of joy.

Trying to cut down on plastic and cans but I’m also trying to cut down on drinking and I have developed a powerful LaCroix habit.

Studying all the (psych) things, painting the entire house. And now also the garden is coming up so weeding in between things too.

Cat kingdom

What was beautiful:

Sand, magnified incredibly:

What I’m reading and listening to:

About the largest cave in the world

Dolphin’s experience psychological trauma after being hunted for research

Soccer Mom Hate

Highly Sensitive People. No surprise but I think I am one.

Every day mysticism at On Being

Charting a life course with diagrams

Breathing in the light

How I got my husband to help with the housework – the high cost of emotional labour

Quitting a drinking habit

Alcohol & Anxiety

Shiba Inu who runs a vegetable stand

A WW2 spy

Emotional fitness

How to think about feelings

The Hell of High Expectations

Attachment styles in Adulthood

For the love of hard work

Rethinking the battle against Depression

The Unifying Theory of Work

“Sober-curious” bars”

High-functioning alcoholics

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Where the Art is:

It’s in your pockets and behind your eyelids, it shares your clothes and has its hands wrapped around your throat. It’s dripping down the walls and yelling from the trees, it whispers and sings and dances and sobs, all day every day and your one and only job is to pay close attention

How to be Perfect:

Hope for everything. Expect nothing.

Be kind to old people, even when they are obnoxious. When you

become old, be kind to young people. Do not throw your cane at

them when they call you Grandpa. They are your grandchildren!

Live with an animal.