What I’ve been up to:

Dancing and studying mostly. Bit of stuff around the house.

What was beautiful:

Portraits of our addiction to smartphones. beautiful project, not so much the sentiment / trend / reality
This amazing picture of a Namibian mining town, with no photographer attribution on facebook.
this table, that I accidentally fell in love with while looking for lighting

What I’m reading and listening to:



How to experience wonder as a grown-up

The Origin of all 651 Street Names in Vancouver. I love maps and origin stories so this epic nerdery is right up my alley. Or my street, as it were, which is named after a landowner.

Signs you may be an introverted extrovert. Or maybe just shy.

Why all your relationships turn out the same

Maybe you’re unhappy because you’re trying to be happy

The American Brain

The power of consistently doing the right things

How to age with elegance

Unlearning how to complain

Making your relationship better

The Tukoyuktuk travel brochure. You can now drive there year-round and Instagram shows many people posing with their vehicle in front of the Arctic Ocean sign… but not a lot else going on. I have been obsessed with Tuk for about as long as I can remember and I will get there at some point but it seems like it’s going to take about 100 hours.

Also, the Greenland Hiking Guide and the Arctic Trail Intro because I am also obsessed with hiking the Arctic Circle Trail. 2020 is the year that I will get to the Arctic and it is going to be a dive trip but I feel like these are not far behind.

Also thinking about sneaking a trip in between Mexico / finishing my pre-req classes and Mexico / starting grad school. Current shortlist: Zambia, Norway, New Zealand, Beijing.

The practice of self-inquiry – ask yourself these questions.

You can’t afford to be a fragile little tea cup

On the strangeness of Octopuses. I will always read anything on this subject.

How to be kind

The absurdity of having one soulmate

On nature-deficit disorder

On the pursuit of happiness

Learning to articulate a wider range of emotions

On good and healthy food

On difficult conversations

How to silence negative thinking

440 pairs of shoes hung on a wall in Turkey to commemorate the Women Killed By Their Own Husbands Last Year

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