What I’ve been up to:

Still dancing and studying and puttering…in between naps.

walking dogs in the fall sunshine and watching our neighbourhood turn to gold.

What was beautiful:

Important instructions from Flying Edna: making stars
Fall sunshine in East Van
Tim Burton exhibit now at the Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas

What I’m reading and listening to:



On procrastination. So very relevant.

What to do about climate change. All of my banks are assholes. I hate banks.

Preparing my garden for winter. I didn’t inherit much of one at the new house but I want to have a good one next year.

Principles of a climate-friendly diet. I feel like I have the basics down but definite room for improvement, especially with regards to packaging and processed foods. Also wine.

Why some people become life-long readers. Not an introvert, didn’t see parents read, didn’t have books at home growing up…somehow (my birth mother was an avid reader), I am the exception and just like them.

Relationship expectations. Also very relevant.

When you lose momentum, you become vulnerable to distraction. I go through this nearly every day these days.

The myth of soulmates. “while I hate the idea of marriage as “hard work,” long-term relationships are borne out of deliberate choices, not fate. We choose to stay together, or not; we choose to put the other person’s happiness first, or to lay it aside in favor of our own. We decide to stay faithful or cheat, to be an equal partner or let the other carry the weight.”

On life after 75. I’m with this guy, I can’t get into it.

Benefits of short-term therapy

Dog owners may live longer

Alternatives to meditating

Learning to be happy alone

Communication and lasting relationships

Talking to therapists about climate change

More and more Canadians getting banned from the U.S.

Using dogs to re-seed the forest

Neil Gaiman tells an amazing story about David Bowie and compassion:

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