What I’ve been up to:

Recovering from all the cramming that went into November, and enjoying the calm before grad school starts in January. So, lots of tea, sleep, dog walks in the woods, freshly made everything, books read for fun…but also catching up with friends, repairing the damage to my body (as best I can), and some work on the house.

Pretty soon we will go to Mexico for 10 days and somewhere in there I will need to do my goal setting for the year but it’s not going to involve much more than going to school and getting back into shape.

What was beautiful:

A journey to the deep sea

What I’m reading and listening to:



Leonard Cohen, as well as his posthumous album, which is excellent

Simplifying Your Life

And the result of having it forced on people…this janitor photographed items confiscated from migrants at border patrol

Life Hacks from Death Notices

Mumbai from Above – Can’t hide the inequality

How to be an Artist

On public libraries

“What is the bare minimum we expect of society, and how does that differ from a fully human response? It is the bare minimum for a city to provide shelter beds to its homeless. It is human to create a sanctuary for them in their daily lives. It is the bare minimum to pay librarians to take on an unthinkable range of tasks to maintain this sanctuary. It is human to deal with the deep internal struggles and burnout this will cause.”


Empathy is Tearing Us Apart



The Golden Rule of Relationships – Make your relationship the top priority 

Or else, maybe predict the end. Four communication styles predict relationship failure – criticism, contempt, defensiveness, stonewalling.

Three kinds of friendships – utility, pleasure and deep connection


Aging Fast

How Youth Obsessed Culture Hurts

The secret life of anger