What I’ve been up to:

Got home from an amazing 10 days in Mexico that including a tasting menu at Pujol, exploring the ruins of Teotihuacan, Chichen Itza, Coba and Tulum, scuba diving and taking part in a traditional temazcal ceremony. Pictures are coming but here are a couple:

Then I started grad school for my Masters in Counselling Psychology and from what I’ve seen so far, I am going to love it. Really glad that I have finally made the jump to a career that feels right.

What was beautiful:

All of it — the rings of Saturn and my father’s wedding band, the underbelly of the clouds pinked by the rising sun, Einstein’s brain bathing in a jar of formaldehyde, every grain of sand that made the glass that made the jar and each idea Einstein ever had, the shepherdess singing in the Rila mountains of my native Bulgaria and each one of her sheep, every hair on Chance’s velveteen dog ears and Marianne Moore’s red braid and the whiskers of Montaigne’s cat, every translucent fingernail on my friend Amanda’s newborn son, every stone with which Virginia Woolf filled her coat pockets before wading into the River Ouse to drown, every copper atom composing the disc that carried arias aboard the first human-made object to enter interstellar space and every oak splinter of the floor-boards onto which Beethoven collapsed in the fit of fury that cost him his hearing, the wetness of every tear that has ever been wept over a grave and the yellow of the beak of every raven that has ever watched the weepers, every cell in Galileo’s fleshy finger and every molecule of gas and dust that made the moons of Jupiter to which it pointed, the Dipper of freckles constellating the olive firmament of a certain forearm I love and every axonal flutter of the tenderness with which I love her, all the facts and figments by which we are perpetually figuring and reconfiguring reality — it all banged into being 13.8 billion years ago from a single source, no louder than the opening note of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony, no larger than the dot levitating over the small i, the I lowered from the pedestal of ego.”

Maria Popova, Figuring

These inspiring snippets from Ram Dass; “We’re all just walking each other home”

What I’m reading and listening to:



This beautiful issue of Brain Pickings, about children’s books and Patti Smith

The joys of being an untethered woman

It’s 2020 and you’re in the future (!!!)

Why being near water makes us happier

Bucket list trips…planning a big one to the Middle East when I next have a break in school but really they are all tempting.

Edmonia Lewis and her Death of Cleopatra sculpture that was missing for years.

Ancient city found under the Guatemalan jungle

Why Americans work so much; the average American worker labors more hours than her counterparts in just about every similarly rich country, including Japan, Canada, and the United Kingdom….because computing has shifted much of the economy from manufacturing to neurofacturing

How to quiet negative thoughts with self-compassion

Making “good enough” resolutions

Santa Claus may have come from shamans on mushrooms


3 Rules for Building a Stronger Relationship; give feedback assertively, take feedback constructively, and make a plan to be better

One-sided conversations; when you’re with someone, ask them questions and actually listen

Being an emotionally intelligent partner; every day, ask yourself: “What can I do today to understand & improve the lives of those around me?

Being more likeable by asking for favours

Getting people to open up

The magic of making it work;  in happy couples, for each negative interaction during a conflict, there are at least 5 positive interactions

Choosing the right relationship

How to tell if you’re a boring partner

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