2019 in the rearview

That was not my favourite year (nor my favourite decade) but I did a lot of work to get things pointed in a great new direction; quit my job & career, moved back to Canada and got prepped for my Masters of Counselling Psychology (that starts on Thursday EEEK!!!! 😳). In between, I snuck in sundry other adventures, a bunch of dancing and some travel. Bonus round of firsts and life list items:

  • Visited Cuba and México City (twice!)
  • Visited the Smithsonian in DC
  • Performed flamenco in public
  • Did a solo moto trip through Oregon, Idaho, Montana & California (plus the regular parts of WA and BC)
  • Rode > 1000 miles in 1 day
  • Sold our house in under a week
  • Finally made a paella over an open orange wood fire
  • Rode my vintage bike in the pride parade (first time back on it since it launched me into a truck in 2017)
  • Bought a home in YVR
  • Rode motos through England and Wales (including cruising past Stonehenge!) to see our friends married in a castle
  • Participated in a week long art retreat in Oaxaca during Day of the Dead
  • Got an A on all of my undergrad psych courses (including one I failed in my BA)
  • Renovated our basement suite and have almost finished amazifying the dining room
  • Visted Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza ruins and dove in a cenote

I’m grateful for all the opportunities to learn, experience, explore and adventure – and especially for the support – and I am super looking forward to a less intense year in 2020.

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