Black Lives Matter Links and Resources

I have had enormous privilege in my life. I am grateful that the world is changing and I am trying to listen, learn, up-post, donate, support. Posting this list of what I have collected so far in case it is useful to others.

What I’m reading and listening to:


From Vanessa C. Peterson on Facebook

Decolonization reading list

Books to read to learn about racism

Where to find diverse books

Black-owned Independent bookstores

Black Women Authors


How to be an Ally to the Black Lives Matter Movement

75 Things White People Can do for Racial Justice

Anti-racism resources

Scaffolded anti-racism resources

Talking Points for Conversations About Race in America

An interactive history of slavery in America, as part of the 1619 project

Institutionalized Racism: A syllabus

Tear gas is very dangerous – especially in a pandemic

America’s Racial Contract

The Role of White Co-conspirators in Dismantling Systemic Racism

Black People in Canada are not Settlers

Hogan’s Alley Society

Remembering Black, Indigenous and People of Colour Killed by Canadian Police

Choose Your Activist Role

National Resource and Education Tool

Anti-racism resources

Free mental health resources


From Vanessa C. Peterson on Facebook

Where to donate your time and money

Black Lives Matter
National Bail Fund
Campaign Zero

Minnesota Freedom Fund

Fight for Breonna Fund

Color of Change

Equal Justice Initiative

Vancouver Black Therapy & Advocacy Fund

Black Women Connect Vancouver

Black Lives Matter Vancouver Go Fund Me

Black Owned Businesses in Vancouver

A few more Vancouver Black Owned Businesses

National Resources List

From Vanessa C. Peterson on Facebook


From Vanessa C. Peterson on Facebook

1619 – a history of slavery in America

99% Invisible:
The Blazer Experiment
Articles of Interest #8: Knockoffs
The Green Book Redux

Adult ISH :
Black ISH 
Working Through My ISH
Roots ISH 

The Allusionist:
Yes, As In
In Crypt, Decrypt
Ear Hustling

It Looked Like Fire
Just Mercy 

Ear Hustle:
Us & Them 
Tell Christy I Love Her
Future on Ice

Everything is Alive:
Chioke, Grain of Sand
Ayo, Balloon

The Heart:
Race Traitor Series
Divesting from People Pleasing Series 

Kitchen Sisters Present:
First Day of School, 1960 New Orleans
Black Chef, White House: African American Cooks in the President’s Kitchen
A Secret Civil Rights Kitchen: Georgia Gilmore and the Club from Nowhere

The Memory Palace:
We’ve Forgotten James Powell 
Junk Room 

Sakena – Mr. Telephone Man
Cynthia – I Need a (Straight) Man
Country Mouse vs City Mouse

Over the Road:
Why We Drive

Radio Diaries:
Remembering Olivia Hooker 
The Words of Renault Robinson – Then and Now
Willie McGee and the Traveling Electric Chair

Song Exploder:
Meek Mill – Trauma 
Jamila Woods – Baldwin

Michael Kiwanuka – Black Man in a White World 

This Day in Esoteric Political History:
Shirley Shows Up (1972)
Ain’t I A Woman (1851)
Letter from a Birmingham Jail (1963)

This is Love:
Prairie Warbler
Always Tomorrow

Theory of Everything:
Going Karura
Utopia (part v)

The Truth:
The Off Season 
The Sweet Music of Friction


From Vanessa C. Peterson on Facebook

National Film Board of Canada Black Communities

Just Mercy