Welcome! This is my Now page. I’m in Seattle, Cascadia focusing on these things:

  • I’m in the process of disrupting myself. I plan to jump into a new career this year as well as launching several creative projects and for that to happen, I need to create quiet time and space.
  • I’m also disrupting my garden in a big way; levelling dirt, laying sod, having new fences and walkways put in, planting food. It’s going to be beautiful but right now it’s an incredible mess.
  • I’m working on training my dogs to be as well behaved as they can be and not be robots.
  • I’m dancing flamenco multiple times a week and finally seeing some progress.
  • I’m doing a lot of yoga, meditating, and eating well.
  • Now that the sun has come out, I’m riding motorcycles of course.
  • I’m starting up a podcast about the healing arts, which will launch my new career path
  • I’m working on my Travel Cure podcast and my 1000 Things To Love blog.
  • I’m also taking time to rest and leave space around things – a new endeavour for me.